Pulling My US House 22 Endorsement

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Over the last several election cycles, I have done endorsements for municipal, state and national candidates.   They have bcome sought after ones, and I compiled one for the 2020 cycle.  . 

I originally endorsed Nyanza Moore in the US House 22 race.  But since I published it last week, I’ve gotten disturbing news of transphobic statements made by Ms. Moore, accompanied with video from Media Matters as a FOX 26 pundit.

That’s problematic on a lot of levels for me since in conversations I’ve had with her over the last year, she expressed to me the desire to want to learn about trans issues and be better at advocating for  them.  The video leads me to question her sincerity in what she expressed to me.

We need peeps who are committed to fighting for trans Texans in the halls of Congress, not ones who dismissively question our very humanity.  I expect Republicans to be that way to us.  I’m not tolerating it from folks who are supposed to be progressive Democrats.

Therefore I’m pulling that endorsement made in the US House District 22 race to make it a No Endorsement race.   

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