Proud To Be Everything FOX Noise Hates

Up here in Provincetown enjoying my first ever Fantasia Fair and enjoying the experinece so far.

While Ii was doing some last minute tweaks to the speech I’m going to deliver in a few hours,  during a writing break was recalling the hard solid thinking I was doing about this meme on my way back to my FF41 digs from Scott Turner Schofield`s `Debutante Balls` performance at the Provincetown Theater.

As an unapologetic Black trans person, I have an array of haters that also includes this propaganda network that continues to lie on trans people now that their war against marraige equality has failed.

They see trans people as a group they can mock and attack, and rally their dispirited conservatroops aound to feelog superior and proud of being conservative at our expense.

Yeah right.   They have been on the wrong side of history for the last 200 years and opposing trans human rights is going to be another in the long series of issues hey are on the wrong side of.

Moni is a proud liberal unapologetically Black trans Yellow Dog Democrat with a caring heart, a brain and a somewhat encyclopedic grasp of history these neo Know Nothings cannot handle.

And yeah, my Black trans behind looks good in a skirted suit and heels while calling their azzes out in person, on the Net or this blog nobody reads.

I`m gleefully proud of being everything that FOX Noise hates an plan to continue role modeling it for my trans younglings and our friends and allies.

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