President Obama’s Last SOTU Speech Tonight

Barack Obama is shown. | AP Photo

The reality that 2016 is not only an election year, but President Obama’s last as our president will become crystal clear at  8 PM CST when he gives his final State of the Union Address to a join session of Congress and what is sure to be a large television audience.

President Obama gave a preview of his upcoming speech in a video in which he stated he wanted to focus “not just the remarkable progress we’ve made, not just what I want to get done in the year ahead, but what we need to do together in the years to come:  The big things that will guarantee an even stronger, better, more prosperous America for our kids.  That’s what’s on my mind.”

What’s on our mind is the upcoming November 8 presidential election and coming to grips with the fact that on January 17, 2017 you and your family will be leaving the White House.  I’m definitely not ready to think about that near future event.

Well, it’s still January, and we still have him, the FLOTUS and the First Family living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. until then.

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