President Obama’s Farewell Address Later Tonight

Note I didn’t say ‘potentially’. I have the confidence to say that he WILL be a great president. If we were going to have a first Black president I like my African descended brothers and sisters wanted him or her to be the best and brightest member of our community. Hopefully at the end of his second term, the nation will be lamenting the fact that we couldn’t elect him to a third term.

-TransGriot, February 28, 2009 Why Barack Obama Will Be An Outstanding President

Seems like ages ago and a different more optimistic time that I wrote that post about our newly inaugurated president.   The eight years he has been in office during this historic presidency have flown by and the country is much better than it was when he took it over.

His hair is a lot grayer than when he took the oath of office in 2009 as well.

Image result for president first familyBut now he’s about to hand it over in ten days to a blithering Republican idiot and buffoon, but before he does so, he will be in Chicago later tonight to give his farewell address to the nation

The 7000 tickets in the venue where he will deliver that farewell address were distributed in less than fifteen minutes/

Like many people, especially in the African American community, I will probably be shedding a tear of two as the realization hits me that I not only won’t see this man and his amazing family living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in ten days, I may not see another African American or other person of color elected president in my lifetime .

And after five trips to the White House during this presidency, I know after January 20 I won’t be going there, much less seeing the inside of that building for the next four years.  I also won’t feel , much less feel as proud of my president as I was of Barack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and their wonderful daughters..  

The speech will air at 8 PM CST, and I like many Americans will be glued to the television to watch it.

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