President Obama’s 2015 CBCF Phoenix Awards Speech

While as you readers know I was in Washington DC at the same time this speech happened on Saturday, at $700 a plate that CBC black tie Phoenix Awards dinner was way beyond my tight budget to attend.   But one of the reasons OUT on the Hill is held at that time of year inside the beltway is to give attendees traveling to DC for OOTH the option of attending the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation – Annual Legislative Conference.

I’m seriously thinking about if I’ blessed to attend #OOTH 2016, showing up at CBCF-ALC panels next year and asking questions during the ones I attend that remind the Black peeps in that room that some Black people are trans, bi and SGL.

We need to do more of that to remind out own people that #WeExist,

Moving on.  

This is the speech that President Obama gave to the folks who attended this year’s 45th annual Phoenix Awards dinner.


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