Powerball Jackpot Climbs To Record $1.3 Billion

Nope TransGriot readers, that’s not a typo.

After ‘errbody’ in 44 states, DC, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico including the TransGriot didn’t have the winning ticket numbers in last night’s record $940 million drawing, it set the stage for a world record $1.3 billion jackpot on Wednesday which will probably go up between now and 10 PM CST.

Those numbers BTW were 16, 19. 32, 34, 57 with 13 being the powerball.

As to what would Moni do if she won it, I mused about it the last time a Powerball jackpot climbed to record levels back in 2012 and I took some time to write about it.

Not much would change in terms of what I would do with that kind of windfall, but there is a downtown condo or two I have my eye on, some nice office space, and setting up college education trust funds for my nieces.

On that note, time to go get in line and get another $2 Powerball ticket or two for Wednesday.

And hope that either I or somebody I know wins it.

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