POTUS Predicts Texas Will Soon Be A Battleground State

Somebody must be reading TransGriot at the White House, because I’ve been saying this for years that sooner or later Texas would become a battleground state

If someone inside I-495 or at DNC headquarters would get their heads out of their behinds and use some visionary thinking, they would realize it would be to their electoral college advantage to set up a situation in which Texas becomes a swing state in every presidential election cycle.

Once that swing state political party starts happening and you put those now 38 electoral votesin play every presidential election cycle, the GOP is screwed in terms of presidential politics.

And that’s a major reason why the Republifools passed thatracist voter suppression law during the 2011 Texas Legislative session because they know that as well.  They also know that Texas since 2000 has been a majority-minority population state.

President Obama made these swing state Texas remarks during a San Antonio fundraiser attended by San Antonio mayor Joaquin Castro (D) and Eva Longoria (yep, she’s a native Texan).

From a selfish point of view, it would be nice to see presidential candidates from both parties have to fight over my home state in order to get to the magic 270 electoral vote mark.

We also need the national Democratic Party to stop using this state as a political ATM machine so we can use those local resources to build Democratic party infrastructure at the county level.  .We also have to get more white liberal progressive Texans to run for
office and consistently win as Democrats so that we have even more
diversity represented in our Democratic legislative officeholders.    

Frankly, I’m tired of my birth state, which once sent statesmen and stateswomen to Congress such as House Speaker Sam Rayburn, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Rep Albert Thomas, Sen Ralph Yarborough, Sen Lloyd Bentsen, Sen. John Tower (R), President George H.W. Bush (R), Rep Barbara Jordan and Rep. Mickey Leland now being represented on the national scene by nekulturny jerks jokes for leaders such as Sen. John Cornyn (R), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R), and Rep Jeb Hensarling (R).

At the state level I went from governors like Dolph Briscoe, Mark White, and Ann Richards to GW Bush and Rick Perry. 

Now that Texas is worth 38 electoral votes, it’s even more important that it happens, especially since the Lone Star State has been a majority-minority population one since 2000.. 

It’s past time that the nation, the conservafool movement and the Lone Star State gets used to the reality that the Texas Democratic Party exists.   It’s also past time the resources get invested in the TDP so they can build a Blue Texas that allows us Democrats to compete and win here.

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