The POTUS Has Still Got This…But

The election is November 6, it’s going to be a close one.   The only shot Willard the Robot has of getting in the White House is lying through his teeth and stirring up hatred of the POTUS with the Tea Klux Klan and Dixiecrat wings of the RepubliKKKan party

And yeah gay community, y’all need to back up off a POTUS that is not only the best ever when it comes to trans issues but is the best gay-friendly one as well.   I’m a little concerned about the hell raising and drama that’s being ginned up in White GL World over an executive order that is not going to cover everyone and would be subject to be erased by the next GOP president.

I seem to recall the same
screaming from predominately white GL peeps (many who have been either
squishy about the POTUS or outright hostile to him even before he got
elected) badgering  him about doing an executive order to end discrimination against GL people in the military when he (the
constitutional scholar) said it was going to take congressional
legislative action to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Turns out he
was right then and y’all weren’t.  Executive orders aren’t magic wands
that end discrimination instantaneously ‘at the stroke of a pen’.  

I and many Black LGBT people in general have been just as tired
of white GL peeps who are quick to unfairly jump on this president and
hold him to standards on GLBT issues you didn’t hold Clinton to while refusing to give him any credit for the stuff he has quietly done to help this community

Why?  Because some of y’all ‘all marriage all the time’ peeps are upset about his position on same gender marriage.  

It’s time for a reality check.  Same gender marriage is not the end all be all issue for rainbow community organizing and activism.  

I and a lot of POC peeps
cis, trans and gay are more nervous about this looming presidential election despite the favorable poll
numbers so far. 

We see on one hand squishy white liberals we barely trust on
one side and outright attempts by the GOP to enact voter suppression
laws (that I have yet to see many GL persons, much less GetEqual
complain or protest about) that could have have deleterious effects on the rainbow community’s abilities to even cast ballots on November 6.

In addition, the GOP is
playing the only KKKard they can in whipping up racist hatred of the POTUS
to help Willard the Robot get elected.

So with a liberal
Supreme Court majority in the balance, and to me that is THE issue period in this election cycle, and the GOP going Tea Klux
Fascist you damned skippy I’m looking at the big political picture.

Te POTUS has still got this, but I won’t relax about this election until November 7.

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