The Murders

Far too often following the murder of trans folx, they’re wrongly covered by the media. This faulty coverage can range from misgendering the victims to deadnaming them (using the name prior to transitioning also said as birth name). In response to this, not only will TransGriot list the correct names of the fallen but also correct and re-write articles that misgender victims. We will do this in the honor of the trans folx that are disrespected by the media and to also seek community involvement in seeking justice. TransGriot will partner with #SayTheirNames to honor our murdered siblings. If their deaths are wrongly covered or not covered at all, TransGriot will provide our own article to speak about their life, death and that justice be served.

Please be mindful that we are only able to report what we know and although more media outlets are doing better at covering trans murders, so many still go misgendered or even unreported. If you’re aware of a murder that hasn’t been reported correctly or at all, please contact us through email or call/leave a message using the contact info below: 


Brianna Ulmar #SayHerName

Brianna Ulmar is said to be the (number) murder in the USA that we’re aware of to date.  Brianna was 25 years of age and …

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#SayHerName Aidelen Evans

On March 18th the remains of an unidentified body were found in Port Arthur canal as of March 26th those remains have been identified as …

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Jeffery Bright #SayHisName

  ‘Gruesome scene’ were mother shot and killed her 2 children in their home in  Ambridge Pennsylvania but sadly multiple media sources reported the murder …

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You Shall Wear Your Crown

There’s a biblical reference that comes from the book of Revelation 2:10 the “crown of life”. It is done in some Christian home going services if the loved ones of the deceased see fit. This is where a crown is either adorned onto the deceased within their casket, or given to the family. This act is sometimes accompanied with music and even praise dancers. TransGriot would like to take this moment to ceremoniously bestow crowns to all Black trans women who were murdered in honor of their lives here on earth as the Black trans queen/goddess they were. Our first recipient was Asia Foster of Houston TX. She received her recognition on Dec. 5, 2020 which was presented by Dee Dee Watters and Houston Police Officers: Jo and Alexa. Unfortunately, Asia’s murderer is still at large. We ask at this time if you or anyone you know has any information that may lead to an arrest, we encourage you to swiftly contact HPD at 713-308-3257 with any information that may help..
Asia got her crown, now lets get her justice!

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