Black AIDS Day from a Canadian angle

Last June, the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) made clear something that Black and Indigenous communities have always known: that systemic racism was a public …

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Welcome MX Leo

Hello folks! My name is MX (pronounce Mix) Leo Williams and I am a social justice artivist, lover, friend and a griot. Yes, I am …

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Welcome Keem Love Black

Greetings. My name is Keem Love Black, a Ugandan Transgender Social Activist.  I was born and raised as a boy in the suburbs of Kampala the …

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Welcome Vanessa Tara Colantonio

I just recently passed two anniversaries. January 12 marked ten years since I swallowed my first spiro tablet and applied my first estradiol patch. February …

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Alexus Braxton

Sadly in a recent post the Miami Dade police department misgendered our dear sister Alexus Braxton whom was murdered on Feb. 4th 2021 at the …

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