Jeffery Bright #SayHisName

‘Gruesome scene’ were mother shot and killed her 2 children in their home in  Ambridge Pennsylvania but sadly multiple media sources reported the murder incorrectly …

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Shut Up Fool 02/19/2021

This week although between Donny Boy, Mitch McConnell, and multiple other fools it looks like we gotta keep the award here in the Lone Star …

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Black Aids Day Jamaica

  Around the globe, black trans folks are minimized within oppressive political climates, healthcare systems which default to excluding the LGBT folks; capitalist economic and …

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Black AIDS Day from a Canadian angle

Last June, the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) made clear something that Black and Indigenous communities have always known: that systemic racism was a public …

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Welcome MX Leo

Hello folks! My name is MX (pronounce Mix) Leo Williams and I am a social justice artivist, lover, friend and a griot. Yes, I am …

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