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TransGriot is proud to announce that our team is not only growing here in the US, we’re now offering coverage all around the world!

The Griot has gone global!

Giving access to Black trans and queer folx around the world to uplift the voices and experiences of Black trans bodies near and far! We are Here! We are There! We are Everywhere!

Meet our contributors from Around the World!

Welcome MX Leo

Hello folks! My name is MX (pronounce Mix) Leo Williams and I am a social justice artivist, lover, friend and a griot. Yes, I am …

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Welcome Keem Love Black

Greetings. My name is Keem Love Black, a Ugandan Transgender Social Activist.  I was born and raised as a boy in the suburbs of Kampala the …

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Welcome Vanessa Tara Colantonio

I just recently passed two anniversaries. January 12 marked ten years since I swallowed my first spiro tablet and applied my first estradiol patch. February …

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Celebrating Women’s Herstory month! Trans women Around The World

As we wrap up woman’s herstory month we had to remember our sisters from around the world! Keem Love a TransGriot contributor based in Uganda …

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Celebrating International Women’s Day Black Canadian Trans Women in leadership

Every International Women’s Day (March 8) is an opportunity to recognize the lives and contributions of Black women of trans experience worldwide: past and present. …

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Black Aids Day Jamaica

  Around the globe, black trans folks are minimized within oppressive political climates, healthcare systems which default to excluding the LGBT folks; capitalist economic and …

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