Poland Elects Trans MP

For the first time since 2008, there will be a transperson sitting in their nation’s highest legislative body.

57 year old Anna Grodzka is a member of the newly minted liberal party called Pallikot’s Support Movement, which stunned the political establishment in Poland by garnering 10 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election..

Theparty was founded by vodka tycoon Janusz Palikot who was a lawmaker in Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s center-right Civic Platform until he got exasperated with the party’s conservatism on social issues and broke away to form his own party.   Pallikot’s Support Movement has attracted younger voters with its support for gay rights,
abortion and legalization of soft drugs and with its attacks on the influential Roman Catholic Church

Grodzka is also an example of what can happen if you just step out there, put yourself in the game and get in it to win it. “I decided to be a candidate for Palikot’s
Movement because I want the voice of people who are excluded and
discriminated against in the Polish political system to be heard,” she
wrote in her blog. “I believe that little by little does the trick.”

She garnered 19,541 votes in the Krakow II electoral district to secure her place in the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of Parliament.  She is set to become the first transperson in Poland to become an MP and the first in Europe since Vladimir Luxuria lost her seat in the Italian elections in 2008.

Georgina Beyer, the world first transsexual to be elected to their national legislative body, retired from New Zealand’s Parliament after serving as a Labour MP from November 27, 1999 until February 14, 2007

Grodzka is the founder and president of NGO Trans-Fuzja, and has her work cut out for her in her stated mission of help Poles understand the problems of people who transition as she did last year.   The Polish
anti-discrimination law of 2010 does not include gender identity nor
gender expression as possible grounds for discrimination.

Congrats Anna on making some trans history.  May you be wildly successful in your dual missions of representing your constituents and fostering increased understanding of transpeople in a staunchly Catholic Poland.

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