Po-Po’s Mess With Chrissy Polis

As if Chrissy Polis didn’t have a bad enough year back in April during the transphobic attack at a local McDonald’s that injured her and sent Teonna Brown to jail, she’s back in the news again after a run in with the local cops on Saturday that resulted in her arrest.

The 23 year old Polis called the police to report a robbery in which she was struck from behind by a man wearing a black and white hooded sweatshirt, tore her purse off that contained her cell phone and $800 and ran from the scene

According to the police report Polis gave various accounts of the events surrounding the
robbery and became very agitated with police as officers attempted to
interview her. After police told Polis they would take a report and
continue to investigate the incident, she became enraged and shouted
obscenities at officers,

After warnings to lower her voice, Polis, whom police claim was
causing a disturbance in the neighborhood, was arrested. She was charged
with one count of disorderly conduct and was released after posting
$7,500 bond.

Note this is the po-po’s version of the story and we have yet to hear Chrissy’s side of it.  The truth of what happened will probably be somewhere in the middle.

And unfortunately Chrissy learned something the hard way we trans women of color learned a long time ago. ‘Officer Friendly‘ ain’t so friendly to marginalized people

But once again it points out the problems that transpeople have simply interacting with police who tend to be in police forces that are a conservative, predominately monoracial, right wing, militaristic world and have to protect and serve citizens in a world that is far more diverse.and complex.

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