Plus Size Trans Model Shay Neary Lands A Major Contract!

Shay Neary transgender plus-size model

As Ive pointed out, trans feminine models have a long and proud history in the fashion world.

The long stylish line of trans modelsgoes back to the 60’s starting with April Ashley, and over the last few years we’ve had trans masculine and trans feminine models get attention, major contracts, ad campaigns and strut catwalks and slay photo shoots around the world.

A plus-size transgender model just made history by landing a major fashion campaign

Now we can add a plus size trans model to that stylish line of trans models in 28 year old Shay Neary.

While she’s new to the modeling game, she recently made history by becoming the first out plus size trans model to land a major fashion campaign.   Heidi Kan, the founder of the plus size line Coverstory, was actually looking for a plus size trans model to feature in their first collection,

“When Hari Nef was signed by IMG and Caitlyn Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair, I knew it was time to promote and feature plus size trans models.” said Kan.  

But Kan had no luck finding a plus sized trans model until she met Neary, who had recently been signed by Transmodels.   Kan found her just in time for the release of Coverstory’s second collection, and is happy she did so.  Neary is modeling everything in the Coverstory collection from wrap caftans to silk blouses.

Neary transitioned 11 years ago and wants to show the world the complexity and variety of trans feminine bodies.


Shay Neary plus-size transgender model Coverstory campaign

‘We all have to be seen.  Not just some of us, not just ones who fit the transgender bill,” she told Mic. “Not just the streamlined passable woman, or the plastic Kim (Kardashian) wannabe.  We all have value and integrity  We deserve to be seen in mainstream media…Our lives have purpose.”

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She not only wants to be working as much as plus size model superstars Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, she  also wants to push fashion designers to do a better job designing clothes for plus size women.  

She told Revelist that she also wants to be a role model for our trans kids

“I’d love to be a representation for trans youth.   Teach trans kids that they only need to be themselves to life.  Confidence and passion will take them the rest of the way.  That being trans doesn’t hold them back from being anything they want.”

Congrats Shay, and hopefully we’ll see you ripping a runway in the near future.

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