Paul Recalled!

As y’all know, I can’t stand that transphobic, teacher hating, cookie chomping conservanegro Michigan state Rep.Paul Scott who represents the 51st House district.   Neither can other transpeeps inside and outside the state of Michigan

I was happy to hear a recall effort was being put together to oust himby ticked off teachers, constituents and union members mad as hell and not taking it any more.

Oops, check that.  He USED to represent the 51st District.   Paul was recalled, y’all!

In another Election Night 2011 development that had the TransGriot doing a happy dance when she saw the news, Rep Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) who was the chair of the House Education Committee that greased the skids for Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) teacher hate legislation to pass, became the first legislator since 1983 to be recalled.

Oh, don’t think Scott didn’t try to do everything possible to delay or stop what happened last night and failed.   It was only by a 232 vote margin, but that’s good enough to have him scrounging up boxes to pack up his office in Lansing and send him on his way out the door of the Michigan Legislature. 

And don’t let it hit you where the Good Lord split ya.

Mission Accomplished Recall Paul Scott team!  Y’all saidyou would defeat himon July 18 and y’all made it happen.  Congratulations for your hard work and sending a political message to the 1% percenters and their legislative enablers. 

Couldn’t happen to a nicer cookie chomping knee-grow transphobe.

Oh yeah, Paul before I forget.  Need some cookies to eat while you pack?

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