Parties And Elections Matter

Just up the street a few short blocks from me is an early voting location in easy walking distance from the house.

Friday afternoon I took some time out of my day to do my civic duty.and cast my ballot in the Texas Democratic primary.

We normally have primary elections in March, but no thanks to the Republifools trying to play racist games with the redistricting process and their voter ID suppression law they tried to implement at the behest of ALEC, the Department of Justice filed suits to legally pimp slap them on.both issues.

Thank you Section V of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which by the way was upheld by a federal appeals court in the Shelby County, Ala. v. Holder court case last week.. 

So as I was handing my voter registration card to the clerk and signing in as I have done in every election I have been eligible to cast a ballot in since 1980, I thought about the fact that if the 2008 election had gone the other way, a McCain run DOJ would have let those unjust laws slide.

Fortunately, there’s an African-American president sitting in the Oval Office, and I’m damned sure going to do my part to ensure he stays there until January 20, 2017 

So if you read my May 15 post slamming conservatism and thought I was being harsh about it or ‘generalizing’ as someone accused me of being in a FB comment thread, nope I wasn’t.

I’m just getting started eviscerating conservatism.

Check the record of conservatism when it comes to the concerns of people of color.   There is no compassion in conservatism except for the 1% of them running corporations that they delusionally think are ‘people’ and hasn’t been since 1964.

Conservatism only cares about keeping whiteness and white supremacy in power.  Those of you who are ‘proud conservatives’ are enabling a political system that let’s tell it like it T-I-S is, is primarily designed to keep the status quo white supremacist power structure on top andoppress people of color.

Let me repeat that once again for good measure so you understand it.  Conservatism is NOT a compassionate political philosophy.

If you can’t handle that inconvenient truth and feel the Republican Party is better than that, then it’s time for you to get busy taking your party back from the batturd crazy neo-fascists and dominionists  running  ruining it now.

That old slogan of ‘vote the person, not the party’ does not compute in this 21st century hyperpartisan personal destruction political environment.  There are stark, crystal clear differences in the Democratic and Republican parties in terms of their platforms and vastly different ideas on how to run this nation and the role of government in doing so. 

Party label gives you a major insight and informational tool into that person’s character when they are running for office and how they will govern if elected..  And speaking of governing, you cannot get liberal progressive policies out of a conservative politician.  The Tea Klux Klan run state governments and the neo-Know Nothing Teabagger faction Speaker John Boehner can’t control in the GOP run House should be enough of a wake-up call for your behinds to let that last paragraph burn into your brains and send you running to your nearest polling place on November 6.

Elections matter and what party controls your government matters. 

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