Parents Try Suing To Stop Adult Child From Having SRS

Christine Kitzler, a transgender woman from Myrtle Beach, SC, speaks with reporters Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015, in Doylestown, Pa. A judge has temporarily blocked Kitzler’s gender-reassignment surgery while he considers her parents’ request she be declared incompetent.

In our WTF news of the day, was alerted to a situation in which the parents of Christine Kitzler tried to sue in a last ditch attempt by them to stop their 48 year grown azz child from undergoing SRS

Kitzler was in Pennsylvania from her home in South Carolina to get the gender confirmation surgery done after 16 months of pre-operative preparation, the prerequisite psychological clearances and a 24 hour fast before the scheduled Tuesday procedure was halted by her parents lawsuit.

Angela Giampolo, Christine’s attorney said she had never seen competency invoked in order to block a gender reassignment surgery, and that Kitzler’s parents were trying to prevent Christine from living an authentic life .

“This isn’t a competency hearing.  This isn’t a guardianship hearing. This is a difference of opinion,.” said the prominent Philadelphia based TBLG rights attorney.  

Judge C.Theodore Fritsch agreed and denied their request, saying Klaus and Ingrid Kitzler had failed to provide clear and convincing evidence that guardianship was necessary.  Judge Fritsch also denied their motion for an independent medical exam.

Of course Christine was happy with the decision rendered by the court and is moving forward with the planned procedure.  

Good luck with your SRS Christine and may you have a speedy and complication free recovery from it.

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