OUT On The Hill-Friday Preview

Day two for me at the sixth annual NBJC  OUT on the Hill in DC and I couldn’t be happier to be inside 1-495 again for #OOTH2015.

What’s on the #OOTH2015 agenda for today?  Going to be an interesting one in which we have the morning events at HRC headquarters, and then after the plenary I’m participating in at 12:30 PM EDT, we shift to our venue for the rest of the conference in The Beacon Hotel for the afternoon and evening events.

Image result for NBJC OUT on the HillIt’ll also be moving day for me because I’ll be shifting from hanging out with Joanna Cifredo to the conference hotel.   Still nice to have trans sisters all over the country to hang out with.

After today’s  9 AM EDT opening plenary session , which will be a policy discussion on the topic of Reigniting the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in the Black LGBTQ/SGL Community, the second set of three concurrent workshops  takes place before  my other business of the day.

I’ll be taking part in the 12:30 PM luncheon plenary session entitled The Plight of Trans Women of Color In America.   Yeah, it’s a subject I know a little something-something about.

And yes loyal TransGriot readers, I’ll have the Friday Shut Up Fool post going up on schedule at noon CDT.

After we move to The Beacon Hotel, two sets of concurrent workshops before the OOTH 2015 Sponsors and Partners Reception.

And once again as a reminder. you can check out the #OOTH2015 hashtag on Twitter to catch up with what people are tweeting about this sixth annual edition of the event.

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