OUT On The Hill-Day of Reflection

My butt needs to be in bed getting some sleep for the day I have tomorrow at the CBCF-ALC and the NBJC sponsored panel discussion that starts at 9 AM EDT at the Convention Center.

Had a late night yesterday as part of a kick butt panel discussion on trans issues that could have gone another hour and still not addressed many of the issues we face as African descended trans people. I was still getting kudos about when I arrived at the Center of American Progress HQ for a panel discussion a little late because I overslept. 

Hey people, somebody had to write these updates you’re getting about the inside I-495 happenings.

No More Down Low TV is videotaping much of what’s going on with the NBJC Out on the Hill event and the 41st Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation-Annual Legislative Conference.

As I mentioned when I started the updates earlier in the week, it’s been one of my goals as an activist to one day attend the CBCF-ALC, and it was even more awe inspiring that I imagined.  Everyone who is anyone in Black America from the political, entertainment and sports worlds is at this event.

Including this trans blogger from H-town who is soaking it all in

I was hanging out with some of my NBJC colleagues from New Orleans (and yes Mark, the Texans are going to beat Den Saints on Sunday) friends and our conversation was interrupted because one of their friends was greeted by CNN pundit Roland S. Martin’s wife..

I wandered around the vendor area and DC homegirl Stacy Lattisaw was there in the book authors section taking photos with her fans.  Line was too long for my nosey behind to find out what was up, but it’s on my ALC to do list for tomorrow.

Yep, THAT Stacy Lattisaw.  She was looking good for all you peeps who had crushes on her back in the day.   Speaking of looking good, the brothers are looking fly and the sisters are on their fashion A games.

But the ALC is also chock full of informative and thought provoking seminars.  I’m looking forward to checking many of them out in addition to the other sights, sounds, and delicious smells of the food wafting through the convention center.

I just decided to call it a day and get some sleep.  My body was crying out for it and I needed to peruse my program in order to figure out how best to efficiently maximize my time here gettin’ my learn on.


I’ve waited ten years for this moment.   Definitely going to take advantage of it.

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