The Oreo Cookie’s 100th Anniversary

Back on March 6 the Oreo cookie celebrated its 100th anniversary.   The cookie was first produced by Nabisco in 1912 in its New York City factory as a response to the Hydrox cookie.   IIt has become the most popular cookie sold in the United States over the last century and into the 21st century.

The Oreo cookie has also become an iconic slice of our childhoods and our pop culture.

The Oreo has become part of African-American culture as a derogatory word you call a black person who to their fellow African-Americans has acquiesced sold outto whiteness and white supremacy and backstabbed the Black community for their own personal gain.

In other words, when you call someone an ‘Oreo’ in the black community you are asserting, like the cookie, they are black on the outside and white on the inside and it’s on like Donkey Kong when you do so.

That’s a post for another time, but as someone who has happily demolished more than her fair share of Oreo cookies during my lifetime, I definitely needed to take some time to recognize the centennial birthday of one of my favorite cookies.

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