Open Letter To Zaya

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Dear Zaya,

As one of your Black trans elders, I am pleased and proud to hear that  you are taking the steps you need to make to become your true self.    I am also happy that your parents are unconditionally loving and supporting you as you embark on this challenging at times journey.

One of the things about this trans journey you need to know is that you’re not alone.  There are other amazing kids like you that share your ethnic bcackground like Trinity Neal.   There’s also something else that you probably didn’t know in that when you transition, you family expands to include trans people from here and around the world.

Black trans people have existed as long as humanity has.   We have a proud history and take no crap people who have been fighting since before you were born to make the world better for trans people inside and outside the community.  I’m proud to be one of those people.

Many times I and other elders who fight tooth and nail for trans people’s right to exist without drama are doing so for our kids.   You are the living embodement of the future we fight like hell for.

Your transition has also jumpstarted a long needed conversation in Black America about Black trans people and our community’s need to embrace their trans siblings.

So why am I wrting this open letter?  Because I thought it was important for you to see some words online from someone who is a proud unapologetic Black trans adult who transitioned 25 years ago.  While I have accomplished much since 1994 and I’m proud of the person I have become, I still wish at times that I could have transitioned as early as you have been able to do.

When I finally did so, my life, challenging as it has been at times, is still better that it was before transition.  I’ve gotten to do some great things and meet many amazing people I probably wouldn’t  have been able to meet if it weren’t for me being this amazing, unapologetically Black trans woman

You still have yours to live and I hope you’ll go on to do some great things.  Hopefully some of the great things you do will also benefit our community. .

I can’t wait to see how you evolve to become the fabulous Black woman of trans experience I know you are.

Sincerely yours,


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