Only 2 days into the New Year #SayHerName

This one was almost missed due to misgendering but thanks to a local leader in the Black trans community we were made aware of this murder in Jacksonville, FL.

On January 2nd at 2:20a.m. Jacksonville Sheriff officers arrived on the scene at 4929 Skyway Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246  (Ceil Apartments on Skyway Drive) after receiving a call that a victim of a car accident was laying in the parking lot of the apartments.

Upon arrival officers found the victim unresponsive near a parked vehicle and was rushed to a near by hospital where the victim passed. The victim was identified as a Black trans woman that went by the Duval Princess.

While in the hospital that the victim was pronounced dead in a doctor noticed that the injuries didn’t add up to a traffic incident and that foul play was involved. Detectives suspect foul play, and they say someone reported hearing shots fired in the area.

The case is now in the hands of the Sheriff’s homicide team and they’re looking for any leads that can provide answers.

#JusticeForThePrincess contact the Jacksonville Sheriff homicide team at: 904.630.0500 

On behalf of the TransGriot family we send our love to the family and friends.

We will #SayHerName The Duval Princess

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