Olympic Gender Drama Posts

With the Rio Olympics a month from starting, and me being a serious Olympic junkie, it’s the perfect timing for a TransGriot compilation post that features an Olympic theme.

Since it’s the worlds penultimate sporting competition, international sporting prestige, national pride and tax dollars are on the line in the chase for Olympic glory.  Sometimes interesting stories have emerged as that pursuit of gold, silver and bronze medals gets heated.

Some of those controversies involve gender and ‘that’s a man’ shade thrown at feminine Olympic champions, allegations of better feminine Olympic athletic performance through steroids or shockingly finding out your intersex status in a very public and humiliating way.

Or in Nazi Germany, East Germany and Russia’s cases, being caught cheating.

Here are some past TransGriot posts that have tackled that theme.

Gender Drama At The 1936 Berlin Olympics

Olympic Gender Drama- The Press Sisters

Olympic Gender Drama- The 1976 East German Swim Team

Olympic Gender Drama-Erik Schinegger

Olympic Gender Drama- Flo Jo

That’s A Man’

Caster Semenya Case Opening Old Wounds

Black Female Athlete Dominates Competition- Gets Gender Identity Questioned

2012 Olympic Watch- Semenya Gets 800m Silver

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