Oh Hell No! This Transsexual Registration Act FB Page Must Die

What is the Transsexual Registration Act? The TSRA
will require Transsexuals by “LAW” to register their birth name,
city/state of residence, date of surgery, date of birth, and any other
vital information the government need.

The hatin’ on transpeople for the holidays continues. 

Surprised the rad fems and the Exterminationalist Twins didn’t come up with the idea first, but just heard about thisvile piece of transphobic crap Facebook page that seeks to pass this blatantly unconstitutional and discriminatory unjust law. 

You cisgender trans haters really want me to let y’all have it with my inner Maya Wilkes this holiday season don’t you?

The page has already been reported to Facebook for promoting transphobia, but a few more complaints won’t hurt.

Update:  As of 11:00 AM CST on December 11 it appears the transphobic FB site has been taken down.  Still working on his stank YouTube video.

For those in the community wondering why we’re taking this seriously, as a marginalized community under constant violent assault and attack, you can never ignore or allow hate speech to go unchecked.
TransGriot note:  This YouTube video supporting this stank BS was also brought to my attentionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezx5fNBW6J8 :

Y’all know what to do.

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