NY Latina Trans Activist Starts LBCF Community Fund

As I’ve stated more than a few times on this blog over the last now six years and Amnesty International has cosigned on that point, Officer Friendly ain’t exactly friendly at times to the trans community, and especially trans people of color

There have been more than a few times these negative interactions have turned into highly publicized court cases.

My trans sisters in New York are dealing with the disproportionate fallout of the odious NYPD ‘stop and frisk’ policies   Because the po-po’s assume they are sex workers, if during one of those stops the transperson in question has more than three condoms on them, according to local activist that transperson can find themselves arrested for prostitution

Interesting story about long time New York trans activist Lorena Borjas, who started the Lorena Borjas Community Fund.  

The LBCF provides legal assistance and funding to pay bail for low income and immigrant members of the Queens community in which she has resided for over 25 years.

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