Number 22- Another Trans Person Killed In Maryland

According to the Metro Weekly, another young trans woman has been murdered, this time in Gaithersburg, MD.

And as you probably guessed, the person was subsequently misgendered by FOX5 stenographers

21 year old D. Smith (not using the deadname) was shot in the head yesterday at 5:49 PM during an altercation between herself and the shooter near the intersection of Lost Knife Rd and Contour Rd near the Montgomery Village Plaza and Montgomery Village Crossing shopping centers.

An eyewitness to the crime told FOX5 that he saw the shooter standing over Ms. Smith and firing.  He attempted to chase down the shooter, who reloaded and attempted to shoot him but the gun fortuitously jammed.    A Montgomery County police helicopter and K-9 units were called in to assist in the search for the perpetrator but have been unsuccessful in locating him so far.

Smith was transported to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries at 8:12 PM EDT..

This makes the 22nd trans person killed in what is unfortunately shaping up to be a potentially record breaking year for anti-trans murders   And once again I’m not happy this person will not make it to their 30th, much less their 25th birthday.

This is still a developing news situation that has been complicated further by the transphobic misgendering of Ms. Smith by DC media,  

If anyone in the DC metro area has photos of Ms. Smith or knows her femme name, please get that info to me as soon as possible.

Rest in power, Zella.   We won’t rest until the perp who took you away from us far too soon is captured and doing time for his crime

TransGriot Update: Was just advised by Elizabeth Rivera moments after completing this post that our murdered trans person’s femme name was Zella Ziona.

This also means we have lost another trans woman of color

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