Now That Chelsea’s Out Of Jail, Can We Do The Same For Ky Peterson?

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Chelsea Manning is getting out of jail today and there is mixed reaction about that in many quarters of TransWorld.  I’ll admit I’m conflicted about it because while I didn’t like the harsh sentence she was given, neither do I condone what she did either.

So now that one of the last acts of President Obama in terms of commutation of Manning’s sentence has happened, can we talk about and finally get the community focused on a really serious miscarriage of justice in the Ky Peterson case?

Ky-peterson-bazant-sml_(1)Peterson was a trans man living in rural Americus, Georgia with a supportive family whose world changed on October 28, 2011.

He decided to walk home ahead of his brother and while passing what appeared to be an empty mobile home trailer was hit in the back of the head, rendered unconscious and when he came to was being sexually assaulted by the stranger from the convenience store .

He shot his attacker in self defense who later died, but as you probably guessed, Stand Your Ground doesn’t work for Black people.

He found himself being arrested for defending himself from the person who sexually assaulted him and finds himself in jail for 20 years as a result of it with a tentative parole date of July 2021.

It’s time to focus our energy on getting Ky out of jail.

Here;s a petitionto help get you started, and let’s raise our voices to get the media talking about this case and the miscarriage of justice in this one.   You shouldn’t have to go to jail for defending yourself against your transphobic rapist .

You can also keep up with what’s transpiring in KY’s case via the Free Ky website.

Let’s step up our game and get justice for Ky Peterson.

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