Not Surprised Austin Terrorist Bomber Was White Male

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Color me not shocked to discover that the terrorist bomber that caused fear all over the city of Austin killed two people and wounded three others was a white male.

Maybe that explains the reluctance of the media to call the series of bombings a terrorist attack.

23 year old Mark Anthony Conditt of Pflugerville, TX blew himself up with an explosive device as SWAT officers were closing in on him.

Austin PD and the FBI tracked him to a hotel parking lot in Round Rock, TX, 18 miles  north of the ATX where they found him .inside his vehicle.   The officers on the scene wanted to wait for backup before engaging him but Conditt drove off.

Conditt stopped on the side of the I-35 frontage road and as a SWAT officer approached the car Conditt detonated an explosive device, killing himself and injuring the SWAT officer approaching the vehicle.  Shits were fired at the car in response.

After being cricket chirping silent about the terror attacks for weeks, White Supremacist in Chief Trump finally commented on the terror attacks by congratulating the officers for their ‘excellent police work’

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No words from Trump to the families who lost loved ones to the bombing like Draylen Mason or Anthony House, or those who are recovering from their injuries.

Then again, why expect someone like 45, who cares about no one but himself,  to have empathy for others?

Austin can exhale a bit, but officials are warning there may still be some bombs he shipped or mailed before he killed himself, so they are advising people to be alert

But once again, just proves the point the Republicans an the conservative movement tried to suppress in 2009 that domestic terrorism in the United States has a right wing, white male face.   

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