Not Liking The Shady Comments Being Directed At Laverne Over ‘Rocky Horror’

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 I was parked in front of the television Thursday night watching Laverne Cox play the iconic role of Dr. Frank-n-Furter in the FOX reimagining of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I was shocked, but shouldn’t have been surprised to hear some shady sniping coming once again from elements of trans community about the show.

I guess the only thing that would have made y’all happy is if a white trans actress had played that role instead of Laverne, huh?  

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Well boo boo kitties, Black trans people are also actors in Hollywood, so burn that fact into your brains.   Laverne is the one they chose for the role, she has the talent to play it, has a BA in dance, and when the legal drama Doubt finally premieres on CBS I have the utmost confidence she will slay that Cameron Wirth role as well

Damn, here we have the historic moment of a trans person, and even more important to Black Trans World, a Black trans woman playing an iconic movie role in a prime time network television slot, and some of y’all wanna throw shade and be salty about that?  

#StopTheShade, have some seats at your local multiplex and miss me with that BS, okay?  

Image result for Laverne Cox rocky horrorWhite trans women have been the center of trans attention ever since Christine Jorgensen stepped off the airplane at JFK in February 1953.

It’s not only past time for trans women of color to get some of that spotlight, it’s also past time for you vanillacentric privileged malcontents sniping at Laverne for Rocky Horror to realize and burn into your brains there is room for all of us to shine.

I’m appreciating the fact that Laverne once again is making history, and sadly the disappointing shady chatter is proving to me once again why Afrocentric trans events like BTAC are necessary

It’s alo proving to me once again that some haters are gonna hate even when it’s a trans person of color making that positive history.

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  1. I thought Laverne Cox was great in the role. Ppl who complained are, I think, just jealous. Fooey on the haters. Go Laverne!

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