North Carolina Unjustly Legislates Anti-Trans Hate

I have often said that the most dangerous bigots are the ones who have the power to write legislation.  You can also never underestimate the Republican and conservative movement desire to oppress people they hate and what lengths they will go to do it.

That was clearly on display in North Carolina as the Republicans succumbed to their white supremacist oppressor genes and in less that 12 hours, called an expensive $42,000 a day special session of the NC legislature they have controlled since 2010, blitzed the unjust HB 2 bill mandating trans, bi and SGL oppression through both chambers, and NC Governor Pat McCrory (R) wasted no time signing it into law.

11 Democratic traitors joined the Republicans in passing HB 2 through the GOP dominated NC house 83-24, while North Carolina’s Democratic senators walked out of the chamber, leaving them to own their legislative bigotry and pass it 32-0.

This unjust law not only takes direct aim at the North Carolina trans community, it mandates discrimination against TBLG people, wipes out local anti-discrimination laws, and prohibits local jurisdictions from enacting non-discrimination protections.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper denounced HB 2 in a video statement.

Yo Caitlyn!  What was that BS about Republicans respecting the human rights of people?.    

This unjust law is an affront to human rights, democracy, and respect for the Constitution that Republicans loudly claim they revere but ignore when it suits their political agenda.

Time for the business community to step up and punish the state for legislating hate.  And yeah, I feel the pain of my North Carolina peeps today in having to witness this unjust process happen.

Okay North Carolina citizens, want revenge against this outrage?  Punish the GOP at the polls on November 8.

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