No Sarah Palin, You Are A Special Kind Of Stupid

Sarah Palin said President Obama's "ideological-driven attack on Americans" is "disgusting."

One of the things I am beyond sick of is white Republicans racistly denigrating the intelligence of President Obama, who has repeatedly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is smarter that the average anti-intellectual Republican.

The latest Republican trying it is one who definitely needs to have a stadium full of seats and STFU about even trying to criticize someone’s intelligence is the half term governor of Alaska in Sarah Palin.

As far as intelligence goes, let’s point out the fact that your behind went to four different colleges to get a bachelors, while the POTUS is a constitutional law scholar, the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review,  and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

President Obama is light years more intelligent than you and your GOP colleagues combined. You and your conservative buddies are mad because it is the Black POTUS that is making y’all ‘intellectually superior’ conservatives look like the clueless idiots you are on a regular basis.

And I still find it had to comprehend eight years later that out of all the people in the Republican Party, McCain picked her to be a bad heartbeat of his away from the Oval Office.

You are the last person than needs to be calling people stupid when we have ample recorded evidence  of the multiple interviews in which you revealed you lack of intellectual prowess to the world.

Bye Sarah, don’t even try it.   You are the special kind of stupid you tried to pin on the POTUS, and you need to stop protecting it to the world.

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