No Guy Benson, I’m Not Tolerating Intolerance


I don’t want tolerance I want acknowledgment from society that my humanity and human rights as a trans person living in this country are non-negotiable.’ 
–TransGriot, October 2013

If you wonder why I can’t stand Republicans, here the latest example of why I have zero respect for them..

One of the things I can’t stand is the GOP penchant for deploying useful fools from marginalized communities to mouth the same loud and wrong policies and idiocy as the conservative white males do.

The latest example is Guy Benson, the openly gay conservafool FOX Noise commentator that went to CPAC last weekend and lost his damned mind.  While he was on a ‘Religious Liberty’ panel during that event that LGBT activists need to be more tolerant of anti-LGBT activists.

Not no, but HELL NO.   I nor anyone else in LGBT World is compelled to be understanding and tolerant of people that wish to oppress me and my SGL allies. Only a conservative white gay male sellout would say something that over the top stupid.

Not only will I happily join my lesbian and gay counterparts in fighting you and your conservafool friends with every fiber of my being, I’m going to make it my business to point out how ridiculous you sound.  

You’re suggesting  that a marginalized group facing dehumanizing attacks on multiple fronts just to exercise their constitutional rights should just roll over and meekly accept racist, bigoted and homophobic conservafool oppressors wanting to do what their great grandparents did with impunity?.

And just an FYI Guy Benson, that severe case of Stockholm Syndrome you seem to have is treatable by Obamacare.

Naw boo boo kitty, we ain’t going back to those days.   Nor are we tolerating intolerance gleefully aimed at us..

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