‘Nikki’s American Dream’ Premieres Tomorrow On YouTube

I’ve known Nikki was working on this reality show project for at least a year and had completed 9 episodes of it, but it’s finally ready and debuting on YouTube tomorrow.

Nikki’s American Dream is focused on the life of Nikki Araguz Loyd,as she lives, loves, runs a business  raises a family and fights for her own and the Texas trans community’s marriage rights.

The brainchild behind Nikki’s American Dream is Lightning Strikes
Entertainment, a content creation and branded entertainment company. 

“From the first moment
I saw Nikki, I knew she was something special and a force to be
reckoned with. She is a symbol of the kind of groundbreaking content
Lightning Strikes Entertainment creates,” says creative director
Federico Traeger.

Here’s a sneak peek trailer of it    

Nikki’s American Dream premieres tomorrow at 11 AM EDT/10 AM CDT. and you can subscribe to see it at this link.  .   

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