Nikki Araguz And Heather Delgado Battle in Houston Courtroom Tomorrow

TransGriot Note: Been quiet on the Nikki trans marriage case front lately but looks like another flurry of legal activity is about to get started.

Was e-mailed this press release moments ago.  Any questions you media peeps or others have about it, call Lauren Freeburn at 708-870-0146

Good luck, Nikki!.

Nikki Araguz and Heather
Delgado face off again in a Houston courtroom in defense of Araguz’s marriage
to her late husband, fallen firefighter Thomas T. Araguz III.

A 1 PM CST hearing set for
Thursday, November 10 in the Elias Ramirez Building, 5425 Polk St, Suite
130, Houston, Texas will determine Mrs. Araguz’s status as a widow beneficiary
for Workers’ Compensation.

Attorney Peggy Campbell is
representing Nikki Araguz before Presiding Hearing Officer Jacquelyn Coleman in
this benefit contested case. A positive ruling in favor of Mrs. Araguz in this
case could impact the previous negative ruling invalidating her marriage by Judge Randy Clapp (R), currently on appeal.

Nikki Araguz is a transsexual woman fighting for recognition of her marriage to
a fallen firefighter, filed an appeal that seeks to overturn a judge’s ruling
that the marriage is invalid.

Araguz was
married to volunteer firefighter Capt. Thomas Araguz III from 2008 until his
death while battling a blaze at an egg farm near Boling, Texas on July 3, 2010.

“At stake in
this important case are the rights of transsexual people to be respected for
who they are and to have their marriages recognized,” said Kent Rutter, the
lead attorney for Araguz in the civil rights appeal. “We look forward to
presenting our case to the court of appeals.”

“I am pursuing
this case to defend my marriage,” said Araguz.

The tragedy of
Thomas’ heroic death has been amplified by allegations and lawsuits filed by
his mother and ex-wife, resulting in national public interest and media
attention. Certainly world-wide attention would have been averted without civil
litigation – Nikki could have quietly mourned her husband’s death. Instead, she
continues to face legal and emotional battles that no surviving spouse should
ever have to fight. After being forced into the spotlight, she is working on a
documentary, a movie, reality television and an autobiography.

Delgado v.
will be heard by the Thirteenth Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi with Mrs. Araguz and
her attorney making a statement after Thursday’s hearing.

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  1. Unfortunately, this important case is being decided with a person of questionable integrity from what I can tell.

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