Newtron Bomb Dropped In SC Primary

Newton Leroy Gingrich won the Republican primary in South Carolina by a double digit margin Saturday night over Gordon Gekko, Jr Mitt Romney,

It was a battle in the Palmetto State of Greed is Good vulture capitalism versus good old fashioned Southern Strategy 2.0 racist populism in which Newt at times along with Rick Santorum made you wonder if they were running for Grand Wizard of the KKK instead of vying for the Republican party presidential nomination .

Newt garnered 40.8% of the vote in South Carolina to become the third different GOP candidate to win a Republican primary contest and guarantee that Mitt Romney would not clinch the nomination before the end of the month.   

Willard had already received the bad news earlier in the week that Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucus and everyone and their mama expected him to roll in his backyard primary in New Hampshire.  

It’s on to Florida and another Southern state with a sizeable electorate in which Mitt’s vulture capitalism and Gordon Gekko wannabe persona probably won’t play well with portions of the electorate.  

We’ll see on January 31.

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