Newark Police Looking For Men Who Attacked Trans Woman

Anti-trans hate thoughts + Anti-trans hate speech = anti-trans hate violence.

Unfortunately it is Black trans women who are living with and bearing the brunt of this Equation of Trans Oppression being played out in real time.

If people aren’t trying to kill us, they are inappropriately and violently in many cases putting their hands on us, and that toro caca needs to stop.

I was sent a link to the infuriating video by Londyn De Richelieu concerning this disturbing incident that happened in Newark recently a block from Newark’s city hall.  .

What it looks like in the snippet of video that I was sent, is that for whatever reason, a trans woman and a cis male were engaged in a physical altercation.  The trans woman appears to have gotten the upper hand on her tormentor, had him pinned to the ground and was kicking that butt as a crowd of bystanders watched.

Then another male in a white t-shirt, black jeans, a black wave cap  and a backpack jumped into the fight,pulling the trans woman off the pinned down male and began to violently kick her in the face, stomp her head and strike her in the face several times before it ended.

The video obviously has caused outrage in Black Trans World, especially in light of the fact we have already lost 12 Black trans women this year to anti-trans violence.

I’m happy to inform you that Newark Police are now looking for the two men involved in this incident, and if you have information on their whereabouts, you are urged to  call the NPD’s Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-877-NWK-TIPS (1-877-695-8477) or 1-877-NWK-GUNS (1-977-695-4867)

Your anonymous tips will be kept confidential, and could result in a reward if the perpetrators are captured and brought to justice.

So yeah, I’m all in favor of calling the cops on these fools and seeing justice served for the trans woman they attacked.

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