New Zealand’s Hell Pizza Catching Hell For Transphobic ‘Misfortune’ Cookie

The Hell Pizza chain in New Zealand is catching hell after getting called out by the New Zealand rainbow community about one of its irreverent  ‘misfortune cookies’ that carried a transphobic message.

Some of Hell Pizza’s misfortune cookies included the message “You will marry a transgender.’ that was first posted to the Net on Friday and the feces hit the fan.   People in the New Zealand trans community and our allies left messages on the company’s FB page and their website complaining about the stank fortune cookie message, blasting it as “disrespectful, ignorant and completely inappropriate”.

“I am really disgusted that in 2011 a large company such as yours feels
that it is ok to be transphobic. You are not only enforcing hate but are
saying that it is ok for others to do so too,” said Sarah Murphy.

It’s also jacked up in light of the fact that we have transpeople in different corners of the world fighting for the rights to get married without interference from their governments.    

Getting married to a transperson is not a misfortuine.  You should be so lucky to be able to marry one of us, once governments such as the ones in Hong Kong, Malta.and Texas and other places on the planet stop fracking with our ability to do so.

Hell Pizza has apologized for the transphobic message and promised to rewrite the slogan on their next batch of cookies. 

“Wow, you go away for a weekend and step back into a maelstrom. Guys,
you’re right and we’ve seen the light on this one. We agree that we may
have inadvertently hurt some of our greatest advocates and for that we
unreservedly apologize. We like to be irreverent and cheeky but we realize we stepped over a line on this one.”  

“No hurt was intended but we realize we got it wrong and apologize.”

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