New Zealand Considering Trans Passport Policy Change

New Zealand is considering making some policy changes that would make it easier for trans Kiwis to not only get passports that reflect their gender presentation but also avoid being discriminated against when they travel internationally.

The New Zealand Passport Office is considering following in Argentina’s groundbreaking footsteps and allowing transpeople to change the gender code on their passports without medical declarations or court papers

Currently transpeople can get an X code on your Kiwi passports.   You can only change the F or M gender code after a Family Court declaration that allows you to change the birth certificate.

That declaration happens only if the person has medical evidence showing that they are in
transition from one gender to another, such as undergoing hormone
replacement therapy, or has had gender reassignment surgery.

It decided to look into the policy change after being approached by the New Zealand trans community about the feasibility of doing so.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission supports the change, with some members of the trans community wanting gender codes to be eliminated from the passports period.

As of this moment any changes to the passport policy wouldn’t take effect until September .   


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