New York Times Meeting With GLAAD About Trans Media Coverage

After some problematic stories in the New York Times that drew the ire of the trans community, a meeting has been arranged to take place today between GLAAD, representatives of the local trans community and the Times to discuss their coverage of trans people.

The New York trans community was already upset about the exploitative piece on Lorena Escalera’s death and the stubborn refusal to retract or correct it.   Now they just poured gasoline on that smoldering controversy with the latest scribblings about the Christopher Street trans youth culture.

Janet Mock said about the Christopher Street piece, “My problem with this piece is that trans women, specifically those of color in this gentrified environment of New York City, are under layers and layers of oppression – none of which are examined and or mentioned in this paper of record.”

GLAAD stated on their blog about this meeting: “Our meeting with the Times will explore those layers, and encourage the paper to consider telling these stories – as well as explain exactly how these stories could cause harm to trans people, youth in particular.

As the paper of record that people and politicians on both sides of the aisle read, it’s vitally important that the New York Times get it right the first time when they comment or write stories about the trans community and the issues that impact it.  

Let’s hope that message is received by the Times and we see a corresponding major improvement in trans community stories and coverage of our community as a result of today’s meeting.

Also wouldn’t hurt New York Times if you actually hired trans people as reporters to cover that community  

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