Need Some Help With A Trans Issue Poll

Washington DC television station WJLA-TV in the wake of transphobes calling for a boycottof the 2012 Girl Scout cookie drive because of the admittance of trans child Bobbi Montoya is asking this question on its site.

Should the Girl Scouts allow transgender children to join?

At the time I complied this post it was 292 YES votes or 74.68% to 99 NO votes or 25.32% against.

You know where I stand on that and have already voted on it, but since this poll is from a Washington DC television station, it’s vitally important the result favors us so it can’t be used by the Forces of Intolerance against our human rights struggle as a talking point.

Here’s the link to it so you can vote in this poll and tell your human rights loving friends to do the same.

TransGriot Update  Thanks good people!   As of 6 PM CST it was 9,962 YES votes 98.03% to 200 NO votes against 1.97%   At 8 PM CSTit was 17,053 YES votes 98.36% to 285 NO votes against 1.64%

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