NC ‘Pastor’ Calls For Final Solution To The LGBT Problem

If you thought I was kidding when I said this is the most pivotal election in American history and you people who call yourselves liberal-progressives need to be running to the polls to vote a straight Democratic ticket, peep the following video. 

The Conservafundies in North Carolina are basking in the glow of victory after the unjust Amendment One’s passage, and they are letting the homophobic and transphobic faith-based hate flow

Pastor Charles Worley of Maiden, NC was channeling his inner Nazi last Sunday and has some ideas about what to do with all those pesky GLBT people demanding human rights coverage in ‘their’ America.

I guess for his next sermon he’ll have David Bahati flown in from Uganda to pimp their idea for a ‘Kill The Gays’ bill.

Okay, you just called for genocide.  Maybe that’s okay by conservagod, but not the Lord and Savior and the God I a Christian.

Take it away Martin Bashir and Anthea Butler.

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