NBJC Calls Out Transphobic Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

The Michigan Transphobic Womyn’s Music Festival started on August 5 and is in its final day in Hart,. MI. 

While I prefer my concerts indoors and have no desire to swat mosquitoes in Michigan’s summer heat, I know people that love going to ‘The Land’ every year.  Some of those women who like going are my transsisters.

But what I don’t love about MichFest  is its transphobic ‘womyn born womyn’ policy that hypocritically excludes transwomen from attending it, but lets transmen in..

MichFest has been getting increased pushback and pressure from artists to end the policy   This year they  released a long bull feces laden statement trying to to spin their way out of the fact it is transphobic in the wake of calls by boycotting artists, trans allies, Equality Michigan and HRC to end the policy.  

Equality Michigan also initiated an online petition calling for the end of the policy.

While I was enroute to San Marcos for the just concluded TTNS,  the National Black Justice Coalition  (NBJC) joined the call of Equality Michigan to end their nearly quarter century old anti-trans women exclusionary policy.  

Here’s NBJC’s statement.

Washington, DC — The National Black Justice Coalition
(NBJC) joins the call for the organizers of the Michigan Womyn’s Music
Festival (MWMF) to end their informal policy of not welcoming
transgender women to participate in the international, all women music

Birthed out of the feminist movement of the late twentieth
century, MWMF has provided an exclusive space built by and for women
since 1976. This weeklong music and community festival, located in a
small wooded area of Hart, Michigan, has maintained a policy that only
women who were assigned female at birth should attend. This policy,
known as the ‘Womyn Born Womyn’ intention, was first enforced during the
1991 MWMF when a transgender woman was asked to leave the festival
because of her trans identity. It has been maintained by MWMF organizers
every year since this initial incident.

“Our transgender sisters are simply women and deserve to be treated
as such. It is baffling that at MWMF — an event organized by and built
exclusively for women — imposes such blatant discrimination against one
of the most marginalized groups of women in our society,” said Sharon
Lettman-Hicks, NBJC Executive Director and CEO. “NBJC joins with
Equality Michigan and the host of other advocacy organizations calling
on the organizers of MWMF to immediately end their policy of not
welcoming transgender women. This unjust policy only perpetuates hate
and stigma, and has no place in a space meant to empower women.”

As Michigan’s only statewide anti-violence and advocacy organization
working primarily for Michigan’s LGBT communities, Equality Michigan led
the effort against the MWMF’s discriminatory policy by launching an online petition
against it last week. “[W]e reject the premise that transgender women
are lesser than, we reject that this belief is a tenet of feminism, and
we will no longer respect the ‘intention’ or that ‘leaving the onus on
each individual to choose whether or how to respect it’ equates to
inclusion,” Equality Michigan wrote.

“NBJC urges its entire constituency and all supporters to sign the
Equality Michigan petition and show the organizers of MWMF that no form
of discrimination against our transgender sisters is acceptable in
2014,” added Lettman-Hicks.

To sign the Equality Michigan online petition to end the transgender exclusion at MWMF click HERE.

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