Naw, It Ain’t ‘The New DADT’

A new OutServe article talks about an issue we loudly were trying to point out to you GLB peeps back in December 2010 when the DADT repeal was being blitzed through that lame duck session of Congress that trans military personnel couldn’t openly serve either. .

While DADT didn’t specifically mention trans people, it was still being used to out trans military personnel and kick us out of the US armed forces. We pointed out the DADT repeal bill needed language in it to cover trans military personnel and wouldn’t do squat for us if it didn’t, but you deliberately ignored that point.

Then when you loudly crowed about the DADT repeal being signed by President Obamaand celebrated your win when it took effect September 20, 2011 about GLB peeps finally getting to serve openly and proudly after a 17 year fight, elements of you accused the trans community of ‘sour grapes’ for not being happy about being thrown under the bus by y’all once again as you stuffed yourselves at the human rights table and left us behind because you wanted a win after that 2009 Maine marriage referenda defeat

We are painfully aware that as long as one house of Congress is
controlled by the Republifools, nothing is going to happen to fix this
problem.   We are going to need the reelection of President Obama, the
retaking of the House by the Democrats and the Democrats holding the
Senate in the upcoming 2012 election before w get any congressional
action to rectify this.

So where do the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and our ‘fierce advocates’ in the GLB community stand on the issue of pushing for their trans brothers and
sisters to serve openly as GLB people do?  While SLDN includes this trans service page on their website, you’ll have to go to a drop down menu to find it..

While SLDN talks about the need for trans people to openly serve, they haven’t walked the walk.  They are more preoccupied with marriage and partner related issues than doing things to help speed up the day that trans people can openly serve their country.

So naw it ain’t ‘the New DADT’ as this OutServe article mistakenly called it.   It’s the same BS that transpeople in the United Sates who want to openly serve in our nation’s military have had to contend with for years that could have been rectified in 2010 but wasn’t.

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