Naw Curtis Jackson, A Man Who Dates Trans Women Isn’t Gay

I cancelled Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson a long time ago, and am proud to say that not one of his CD’s desecrates my collection.   His most recent anti-trans comment makes it crystal clear why I just say hell no to 50 Cent.

He took to his Instagram page with 22 million followers yesterday to say to the rapper Young Buck, who was formerly part of his G-Unit group this transphobic comment. 

“If your [sic] in a relationship with a t****y your [sic] gay. that’s a boy, Boy!!!

Recording artists Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson (L) and Young Buck of the music group G-Unit perform onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s cool Buck you gonna be big down at the gay bars Give me a call,

He also posted a video of Young Buck in which the rapper is saying ‘take that s**t down’ to a woman who wrote an article alleging he had sex with a trans woman.

Um no Curtis and other like mined transphobes, that’s not how this works.   Let me make this real simple and plain for you trans ignorati because I’m not feeling your transphobic BS and my patience with it is nonexistent today.

A trans women is a woman, a trans man is man.  That trans man is also a better version of a man than you could ever hope to be.

If you as a cisgender man are attracted to a trans woman, that makes you STRAIGHT.  If you are a cisgender man that is attracted to a trans man, that makes you GAY.

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Curtis, your use of the ‘t****y slur and the BS perpetuation of the ‘that’s a man’ crap to describe trans women not only contributes to the toxic masculinity problem, it  contributes to more Black trans women getting attacked, hurt or killed. 

There are cisgender men who love them some trans women, be they pre, post or non op.   Your comments and the internalized transphobia it feeds in trans attracted men and the Black community at large makes it harder for those men to be open and honest about being ride or die attracted to trans feminine people.

Curtis, if being with trans women is not your cup of tea, we get it.   You ain’t all that to some of us either.  But you and your buds in Rap World need to stop demonizing Black trans women, especially when some of you are desperately trying to hook up with trans women on the down low.

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