National Day Of Action For Trans Women And Femmes


I warned a few days before the 2016 presidential election that the humanity and human rights of trans people were on the ballot.   Since he took office, Trump has made that warning prophetic along with Republican state parties around their country with their legislative attacks on trans people.

I’ve been asking where are the orgs in our community and why haven’t they been standing up for us like we Black trans women have been for every one else’s movements and causes.

GetEqual has called for a National Day of Action for today to celebrate the lives of Black trans women, since six of the seven women we have lost to anti- trans violence in 2017 are Black trans women ,

As part of this National Day of Action, several cities are hosting events as part of this day, and these are just a few of the announced events taking place today.

Hope those events will have people show up and show out for them, because we need that to happen

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