My Thoughts About The Ashia Ajani Article

Monica Roberts

March is Women’s History month, and I was surprised to see this Ashia Ajani article celebrating the 14 years that TransGriot has been around to drop knowledge about the Black trans community and express myself about the current events of the day since January 1, 2006.

If you haven’t seen the article, here’s a link to it.

Every time I start thinking I haven’t done enough for the community, or wonder if anyone is even paying attention to what I write at TransGriot, an article like this comes out reminding me yes, you have been doing a lot since 1998, and I’m still blessed to be in a position to do even more.

I’m also blessed as a yelder to watch and mentor the current generation of Black trans leaders, and also have them drop knowledge on me that causes me to think about issues from a different angle.

Thank you Ashia for the article, and for the reminder that y’all see me as a journalist.

All I’ve done is pick up the torch that Roberta Angela Deeleft behind when she joined the ancestors in 2003, and took it to another level.   I suspect that when it is time for me to pass it on, there will be other Black trans folks I inspire to get into media work, because telling our stories for historical posterity is important.

It is also vitally important in a media environment that seeks to demonize trans folks every chance they get, that we have Black trans media folks pushing back against the lies and disinformation.

We also need people to accurately tell our stories, and also talk about our successes, not just push the ‘tragic transsexual’ narrative.

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