My Name Is Moni, And I’m Unapologetically Black And Trans

My name is Monica Roberts and I am an unapologetic Black trans person who is a child of God created in God’s image. My transition did not invalidate my Black Card, it just added a transgender flag sticker to it.I’m proud of being a #girllikeus, and my transition also has led to me since it happened in April 1994 to being able to live an amazing life. I went to the White House last week.  I was at the Philly Trans Health Conference where I get hugs from amazing trans teen activists Jazz Jennings and Nicole Maines just for starters, and get loved on by everyone from trans kids to the trans guys to my trans elders like Miss Major.  

But one thing I am proud of is my cis sisters that knew me before I transitioned who tell me they are proud of me and marvel at how my life has evolved since that day.  They have let me know without equivocation that they consider me part of the sisterhood  

I’m also cognizant of the people in Trans World who see me as a mentor, leader, and the trans kids who see me as Aunt Monica. I take that leadership mantle and being a possibility model for our trans youth seriously.

I never want to disappoint them or the people who place their confidence in me to do the right thing as a trans leader and provide thoughtful, principled leadership of our community.

Since I mentioned haters, you’re probably asking the question do I have them? Yes, I sure do.  But I really don’t give a rats anus what they think.  Haters are my motivators, and they know who they are.  Having haters lets me know they consider me important enough to waste their time and energy thinking negative thoughts about moi.  It also lets me know I’m doing what I need to do personally and professionally to advance the human rights of my community.

As far as the faith based haters and ignorati are concerned, if they 
don’t like that declaration early in this essay about being unapologetically Black and trans, too damned bad. Neither do I care about you TERF’s, fauxminists, or TS separatists or what loud and wrong things y’all have to say either. 

I get to call a group of diverse and wonderful trans and cis people from around the world my friends, and they are people I probably wouldn’t have met without doing so.

I have a voice is amplified by a decade old blog that ‘nobody reads’ as one of my haters once said, and that statement makes me chuckle with every blogging award I get nominated for and every kudo I get from my fellow journalism peers.

I`m beyond caring about what you think because I’m tired of you, your GOP friends, assorted ignorati and kneegrow sellouts attacking my humanity and the humanity of my trans siblings.

I`m going to focus on just being the best person I can be, and doing my part to help advance the human rights of my trans family in concert with our allies and the people who love and care about us.

I’m Moni, and I approved this TransGriot message.

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