My Latest WFPL-FM ‘Strange Fruit’ Interview

Y’all know I have much love for Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner, (AKA ‘Niece’ and ‘Nephew’ and they refer to me as ‘Auntie Monica’) the co-hosts of WFPL-FM’s Strange Fruit.  

I pop in from time to time with my thoughts on various topics, and normally I have to do so by calling in to participate on their show.

This particular appearance was different, because one of the things I got to do while I was on vacation in my other hometown was actually sit in WFPL-FM’s 4th Street studios and tape an interview that was just broadcast.

Only took me being away from Da Ville for four years and be on vacation inside I-265 to actually walk in that building for the first time after years of walking past it for various reasons. 

The podcast is up of that interview, and you can click on this link to listen to it.  My comments start around the 13:00 minute mark of this edition of Strange Fruit.

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