More Important To Get The Story Right

Like everyone else I’ve been very concerned about the status of our Chicago based #girllikeus sister KOKUMO ever since I got the word last night she had been missing since Thursday and was seen leaving the Baltimore area hotel she was staying at in a confused state.

I received the call at approximately 8 AM CDT from my BTMI-Maryland Chapter brothers Vann and Brendon that KOKUMO was found, is safe and with them right now.  

The other aspects to this ongoing story concerning what happened are still in flux and require more time to sort out. 

I had someone on my Facebook page demanding to know what was up literally minutes after I got the call from Vann telling me they had found her.   The person in question had a problem with me telling her to chill out and removed herself from my FB page in a huff

Good riddance.  Leaves a spot open for someone who wants to be there. 

The reason I relayed this interaction with you is because I want to point out something about my blogging philosophy.   It has never been important to me to get news out first because I like to verify it before posting.

There are posts I compile that I spend much time researching and writing before  I’m satisfied enough with the flow of them to feel comfortable hitting the PUBLISH button and unleashing them on the world.

Now I tend to have an ability to get TransGriot scoops out there because I’m connected with so many people in this community, they trust me, and I know how to keep my lips zipped so they continue to tell me stuff that may turn out to be blog post worthy.   

Because I do a lot of hard, solid thinking about many issues of importance to this community, you’ll see them posted her first before somebody else writes about them maybe a year or two years later. 

And yes, I do have no problem calling crap out when I see it. 

But the most important thing to me is get a story right before I post it, not get it out right now..  I’m also quite aware of just how many people are counting on me to do my job of chronicling our stories respectfully and correctly since far too many blogs and journalistic outposts don’t when it comes to transgender issues.    

I have spent 8.5 years building this blog to be an accurate go-to source for news and information about this community.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in terms of the over 5.6 million people worldwide and counting who have read posts here since I started TransGriot on January 1, 2006.   The blogging awards I have either received or been nominated for speak to the wisdom of the decision to go down that less traveled blogging path.  

TransGriot is one of the longest running blogs run by and edited by a trans person of color, and I take that responsibility seriously of getting stories right because of that.  

Quality blogging is about getting the story right, not getting it out right now

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